ActiveX library for raster to vector conversion in automatic mode.The output format is WMF/EMF,SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics. Sample client Delphi version. Source code. Only two functions !

  • LoadFromBMP
  • SaveEMF or SaveSVG

Pic2Vec v 1.6 is a tool, which can high-speed convert raster bitmap into vector image. Recognition is outlines. The output format is WMF/EMF,SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics).


Logic board game. It is easy to play. Give it a try - but beware - you may become addicted!!. Purpose of play: will put their own checkers on the place where were computer checkers.


We are glad to present you ancient Russian game. It is not similar to a bridge or poker. It has very simple rules. Read the rules and enjoy the game!


Classic logic game.

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